7 May 2011

Retrieve Temporary RAM Data

What is RAM?
Well, RAM(Random Access Memory)is Hardware Circuit which is Used by Computer as Temporary Storage Memory.

How to We See the Temporary Data of RAM?
Many Person want to see the RAM Temporary Data for Many Purpose like Forensic, for retrieving some Temporary Data and For Fun. You can also see the Current Chat History,URL,DATA etc.
Step 1.First We have to Obtain the RAM Data as Image(Contains Data about any file). To Do this,We need a Command line Program called MDD(Mantech Physical Memory dump) [Only 95 KB].

MDD is a physical memory acquisition tool for imaging Windows based computers created by the innovative minds at ManTech International Corporation. MDD is capable of acquiring memory images from Win2000, XP, Vista and Windows Server.
You can Download this Program From:-

Step 2.Now you have to Run this Program.You cannot directly open this Program.To open this Program Open DOS Prompt by

Start==>Run==>CMD and press enter.
It Shows as C:\Users\Sonu>
This file is In Download Folder .So goto Downloads folder by “CD Download”.
Now you are in Download Folder as C:\Users\Sonu\Downloads
Now write  “mdd_1.3.exe” as C:\Users\Sonu\Downloads>mdd_1.3.exe
You can see the MDD Help
For obtaining Image
Give Command “mdd_1.3.exe -o D:\RamDump.img”   Without Quotation as C:\Users\Sonu\Downloads>mdd_1.3.exe -o D:\MyRam.img
After Some Second you Get the Image of RAM Temporary Memory in Local Disk D: as MyRam.img

To see image as Large Right Click on Image and select View Image in Firefox:-